We scale security by automation

botswatch Technologies is an information security company headquartered in Berlin, with a global client base in Europe and North America.


botswatch Technologies is leading in identifying irregular activity in the digital information environment and automated cyber reconnaissance and in real time.


Our technology provides enhanced situational awareness and enables our customers to protect content, brands and identities on digital platforms with unconventional approaches to data science.

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We solve security challenges for our customers

Provide Enhanced Situational Awareness

Receive automated early warnings of irregular activity on digital platforms such as Twitter and deep data-based insights to adjust early response in severe situations.

Protect Identities on Digital Platforms

Receive automated early warnings when your identity, brand or organization is affected by account spoofings, involved in hack-and-leak tactics or targeted by organized networks.

Protect Content and Verify Sources

Receive automated early warnings and deep data-based insights as soon as we detect irregular activity. Verify sources in severe situations.

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