About Us

botswatch Technologies is a cyber intelligence company headquartered in Berlin, with a global client base in Europe and North America.


botswatch Technologies is leading in automated identification and characterization of malicious activity in the digital information environment and cyber reconnaissance in real time.


Our technology provides enhanced situational awareness in the time of disinformation and hybrid warfare and enables our customers to protect content, brands and digital identities with unconventional approaches to data science.

Our Vision

The open internet is vulnerable. Malicious actors abuse core metrics of digital platforms in order to shape information environments of liberal societies.


With sophisticated and fast-changing techniques in the fields of misusing information, profiles and data, they harm users, companies, organizations and societies worldwide.


botswatch’s mission is to create outstanding and accessible technical solutions to protect content and to build trust in the information environment with unconventional approaches to data science. We scale cyber intelligence by automation.

Our Team

botswatch has an experienced, passionate and fast-growing team with backgrounds in data analytics, engineering, data processing, security and the news industry. The management is highly experienced in creating new products and successfully deploying our solutions in both public and private organizations.


2018 SXSW Interactive Innovation Award Finalist Privacy & Security

2018 SXSW New Technologies Startup AI and more Winner

Deutscher Innovationspreis Nominee 2019

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