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botswatch Alert System

Botswatch alert system delivers fully automated early warnings of irregular activity on digital platforms such as Twitter in real time and prior to news coverage.


Warnings cover but are not limited to detect organized narratives, account spoofing and hack-and-leak tactics.


Key Features
  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • Receive direct warnings 
  • Understand severe situations in real time

botswatch Cyber Forensics Threat Report

The Cyber forensic threat report delivers automated data analysis of irregular activity on digital platforms such as Twitter, caused by social bots, hybrid accounts and organized networks.


These reports enable our customers to receive deep data-based insights of specific activity in detail.


Key Features
  • Provide early response
  • Understand what is happening
  • Make data-based decisions

How our clients benefit from our technology


Many other companies are upstaffing their analyst teams in order to keep up with demand, which has inherent limitations. We’re focused on scaling our capabilities via automation.

Historic Data

We have been characterizing irregular patterns since 2016. We have significant experience in how the digital information environment changed over the years.

Cross-Language Technology

We use language as a source of signal for our automated analyses, but it makes up only a fraction of the more than 100 signals we evaluate on the very first level. Our technology works in cross-language environments.

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